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We deliver tested and verified products to customers. Our testing department carries out measurements, assessments and inspections on each production batch, in order to declare the conformity of the product to the technical specifications.

During production, dimensional measurements are performed on our products on a daily basis.

At the end of production, a visual inspection (type II) is carried out on the lots of our items to check for defects and/or anomalies. AQL forms are used to inform customers of tests.

Also at the end of production, a type I pharmacopoeia analyis is carried out for the plungers and type II for the pumps (paragraph 3.2.9)

As a final step, the quantity of residual silicone on the batch of the finished product is evaluated.

Furthermore, our Quality Control system keeps an archive of counter-samples of each batch produced for 5 years, for any legal use.

Our commercial and logistics staff is at your disposal to meet every need with courtesy and professionalism. Customer service has always played a key role at RUBBER PHARM.

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