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Upon arrival, raw materials are recorded and analyzed by our incoming laboratory. Here tests are carried out on the hardness of the compounds according to the ISO 48-4 standard, the vulcanisation characteristics are checked and verified in compliance with the international standards ISO 6502-3 and ASTM 05289.

The in-house laboratory carries out continuous control, research and development in order to declare conformity of the outgoing product to the pre-established specifications and to identify the best solutions for special and customized applications. The analysis method are carried out according to the European Pharmacopoeia for elastomeric closures and the the mechanical tests using state-of-the-art instruments.

Furthermore, with the collaboration of the best national certified analysis laboratories in the sector, Rubber Pharm has developed a series of non-cytotoxic standard compounds (ISO 10993-5) for food contact according to European and US regulations.

Our commercial and logistics staff is at your disposal to meet every need with courtesy and professionalism. Customer service has always played a key role at RUBBER PHARM.

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